Welcome to PyPsd – Python Pseudoserver!

PyPsd provides clean and easy-to-use IRC services. It runs under PyPy, requiring a MySQL or MariaDB database and a TS6-based IRCd. The code’s open source under the BSD 3-clause license, and available on BitBucket.

PyPsd was written for Rizon Chat Network, and started by Radicand in early 2009. It was initially created to provide DNS Blacklist services, but as time went on more modules and features were added, and it will hopefully become a nice all-round addition to any IRC network.


Due to how PyPsd is currently coded, you probably cannot integrate it into much except Plexus, without some level of modification (due to some specific TS6 implementation quirks). This may change in the future, and users wishing to put PyPsd up on their own networks are likely to have difficulties right now.

The auth system (used by most user-facing modules to join and part requested channels) is also highly linked to Rizon’s services, with CHANSERV WHY built by/for Rizon and not available on stock Anope. However, this is likely to change in the future, as Anope 2.0 introduces CHANSERV STATUS which PyPsd is being built to support (this work is being done on the new-services-flag branch)

The documentation’s organised into two sections below, the first for users of PyPsd and the second for developers looking to work on or write their own modules for PyPsd.